Cybint Partners with Panorays to Enhance Cyber Bootcamp Curriculum for Higher Education

Through this partnership, Cybint and Panorays are combining cyber tech and cyber education to make the world a safer digital place.

CYBINT NEWS / New York / June 8, 2021 — Cybint, a global cyber education training company, is partnering with Panorays, a rapidly growing provider of third-party security risk management software, to amplify the learning experience of the Cybint Cybersecurity Bootcamp for students in higher education. Specifically, Panorays is sharing third-party security risk best practices and materials with Cybint students. The goal is to prepare future cyber professionals to protect against cybersecurity breaches such as the SolarWinds Attack—the likes of which most governmental offices and organizations are not prepared for. This is Cybint’s latest initiative to help institutions properly train cybersecurity professionals to be able to detect, prevent, and combat such attacks. Cybint’s collaboration with Panorays, a leader in the third-party security space, combines education with real-life application, to fill the cybersecurity skills gap and make the digital world safer than ever before.

Despite a rise of 700,000 cyber professionals joining the industry since the onset of the pandemic, the cybersecurity skills gap is as wide as ever. Since 2020, the shortfall in skills in the lucrative industry has dropped from 4.07 million to 3.12 million. As organizations develop more software and move workloads to the public cloud, they face a rise in sophisticated threats. The best bet to help alleviate skills shortages is to push for a major recruitment drive. As stated by the latest (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study, employment needs to grow nearly 41 percent in the U.S. and 89 percent worldwide to fill the talent gap in cybersecurity.

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The Cybint Bootcamp is structured to arm workers on a global scale with cyber skills, ensuring they can protect themselves and their organizations from emerging cyber threats. Within a matter of weeks, graduates of the Cybint Bootcamp will have the training needed to get on the fast track to the future-proofed cyber career path. Cybint has partnered with numerous universities across the U.S and worldwide in an effort to address the cyber skills gap and cyber-professional shortage at scale.

Panorays is dedicated to eliminating third-party security risk so companies worldwide can quickly and securely do business together. With its solution, users can manage, mitigate, and remediate supplier security, reduce breaches, and improve security across the board, resulting in efficient and effective security risk remediation. The company was recently recognized as a strong performer by Forrester, and received the highest rating in the criteria of data accuracy and risk context.

“With the introduction of blended learning, higher education is on the cusp of change,” says Roy Zur, Founder and CEO of Cybint. “We are seeing more collaborations between universities and bootcamp programs, such as Cybint, to help students achieve career goals in a matter of weeks instead of four years. It is an honor to further enrich our curriculum by partnering with Panorays.”

“We are excited to partner with Cybint, and provide the materials that students in cybersecurity need, to become well-versed in third-party security and its best practices and solutions,” says Matan Or-El, the CEO and Co-Founder of Panorays. “With this knowledge, Cybint Bootcamp graduates will undoubtedly be positioned well for their future careers in cybersecurity.”

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