Recorded Webinar: Coronavirus, Cybercrime, and Education – What You Need to Know

RECORDED: March 26th at 12:00 PM ET / With the coronavirus forcing billions of people into quarantine globally, the world is seeing a huge impact on cybercrime and corona-themed phishing attacks. Now that many schools are closing, sending students home, or offering online-only courses, hackers are finding opportunities to exploit students and schools with fake links and emails from people or sources they “trust”.

In this webinar, Cybint CEO and Cyber Intelligence Expert, Roy Zur, speaks on how the coronavirus is impacting cybercrime specifically in education and how you can protect your schools and students online.

This webinar offers the following:

  • How cybercriminals are using fake news and phishing to scam your faculty, students, and more
  • Tips for protecting against malicious threats and coronavirus-related cyber-attacks
  • Best practices for distant learning and online course management
  • 45 minutes of quality information + Q&A with Cyber Intelligence Expert, Roy Zur

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