Recorded Webinar: How to Build a Regional Cyber Center out of Your Institution

To be cyber-defense ready in today’s digital world, it takes personnel with the right skills utilizing the right resources. It takes a cyber center. Cyber Centers are the future of capabilities development because it is a holistic approach to bridging the gaps between higher education, industry, and government. Roy Zur introduces how to build a successful world-class cyber center through collaboration and bolster the skills of those involved to prevent, investigate, and respond to cyber threats and cybercrimes. This webinar gives you an introduction to:

  • Why build a cyber center and the cybersecurity landscape
  • The makings of a successful center
  • Cybersecurity education/training, talent, technology, and certifications – turning students into cyber professionals with 100% employability
  • What your institution needs to know about practical cybersecurity training and certification
  • Growing your reach, revenue, and reputation with cyber leadership


Roy Zur is the founder and CEO of Cybint Solutions, a cyber education company. Roy has more than 15 years of experience in cybersecurity and intelligence operations from the Israeli Defense Forces, Unit 8200 (Retired Major) and has developed cyber education programs and technological solutions for companies, educational institutions and government agencies around the world.

Prior to his current position, Roy has received law and business degrees and served as a legal adviser in the Israeli Supreme court. In addition, Roy is a practicing attorney, and the chairman of the Israeli Legislation research center (OMEK Institute), which includes 150 researchers, who work with the Israeli parliament.

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