Top Four Cybersecurity Training Programs for Employees

Cybersecurity training programs are essential for employees. In a business where trends are always evolving and new threats are constantly being discovered, it’s crucial for cybersecurity professionals to hone and maintain their specialized skills. For a business to run smoothly, it’s imperative that CISOs and CEOs invest in training programs for employees. Just because an IT professional is experienced doesn’t mean that they don’t have to stay on the cutting edge of new information and technology. Most top employee cybersecurity training programs have many aspects in common. So, what are some of the tried and true training methods they share?  Many share similar learning techniques that include simulated attacks, reporting, and incident response. Below we will cover four different types of training programs, all of which are effective in different ways.

1. Awareness Only Programs:

There are programs whose aim is to focus almost solely on cybersecurity awareness training. Effective security awareness training is KnowBe4’s top priority as it combines the importance of forethought with simulated phishing attacks to help quell human error. They believe in training users properly by consistently informing them of helpful phishing information so they’ll know exactly what to avoid when it comes to social engineering. This helps keep one’s company safe.

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2. Free Cyber Training:

When it comes to cost efficiency there’s nothing better than a free training program for cybersecurity employees. Cybrary offers access to hundreds of hands-on experiences along with mentorship and guided career paths. This is a highly effective program for a beginner in the field of cybersecurity. For those just starting out, this is a program in which to build a career while preparing for necessary certifications while learning new, pertinent skills.

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3. Advanced Cyber Programs and Bootcamps:

Advanced cyber programs are also extremely popular and efficient upon training employees. These sorts of programs and bootcamps help to ensure that cybersecurity employees have the most up-to-date skills across the board. For example, the Air Force Institute of Technology’s Advanced Cyber Education program (ACE) is known for its rigid disciplinary habits that help form original thinking skills within technical leaders in order to solve real-world cyber problems. Cybint also offers a rigorous bootcamp that is offered both remotely and in-person. The bootcamp is only available for business and is not accessible to the direct consumer. With a myriad of opportunities and competitive compensation, Cybint’s Bootcamp helps cybersecurity employees to become sharper and more adept in the field.

cybersecurity training programs

4. All-Inclusive Cybersecurity Training:

Of course, Cybint offers Cybint Complete, which is a cybersecurity training program for employees. This online training is effective and convenient as it covers all the bases for every type of employee in one place, including IT, cybersecurity, managers, executives and general employees.  This is a solution that covers your entire organization from basic to advanced. The trainings are also role-based. One of the main goals of Cybint’s security training course is to measure progress while keeping track of “risk reduction both high-level and granularly to provide total visibility.” As the cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing and evolving skills should, too. Cybint is up-to-date with the most current learning materials (that are updated regularly) based on current trends and impending cybersecurity threats. For all these reasons, Cybint Complete is an extremely effective training program that suits cybersecurity employees of all levels.

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Companies looking for a more intensive program should consider the Cyber Essentials Workshop. The Essentials Workshop is a one-day in-person training program that offers an intro to cybersecurity and basic terminology, cyber threats, cybercriminals, and notable cyber attacks. Cyber professionals are hard to come by so train your IT pros to become cyber experts with Cybint accelerated bootcamp and build up your cyber team (only available through cyber centers).


In conclusion, there are several types of cybersecurity training programs for employees that are available. While most are effective, all-inclusive programs are, by far, the favored method of training. With programs that raise awareness and those that focus on a more demanding hands-on approach, all of the above-mentioned programs have important and unique aspects of training. Cybint’s all-inclusive program includes enterprise training, an essentials workshop, online remote learning, and a bootcamp. This is preferable when cybersecurity employees need proper, complete, and reliable training.

Ben Kapon

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