Webinar Rewind: Cybersecurity Positions in Today’s Workforce

In today’s current job market, finding the right candidate can be difficult. With thousands of cybersecurity positions left open, where can a business find the right candidates for their company? In our webinar: Cybersecurity Positions In Today’s Workforce, Cybint’s own SVP Bryan Dickens, former FBI Behavioral Profiler, spoke with cybersecurity expert Chuck Brooks on how to find the perfect candidate.

Chuck Brooks is no stranger to the cybersecurity industry. Chuck is a Georgetown University Professor, a thought leader in emerging technology and cybersecurity, a Forbes Contributor, and was named in the top 10 people to follow on LinkedIn. From what he looks for in the right candidate, to how a company can find the right person to fill a cybersecurity role, Chuck shared his many years of experience. 

Cybersecurity Positions

Many of the concerns that face prospective employees and employers in the cybersecurity industry focus on the growing skills gap and what exactly is needed to pursue a career in cyber. This growing skills gap is making it increasingly difficult for companies to find an employee with both experience and skill. When asked about what traits a potential cybersecurity candidate should have Chuck replied “, If you’re going into cybersecurity you have to be a continuous learner.”

The subject of learning and education was an important topic during the webinar. From college degrees to certifications, there are many different ways to learn important cybersecurity skills to apply to a career in cyber. When discussing cybersecurity education Chuck repeatedly stated that there are many ways to learn cybersecurity skills and that both certifications and college degrees could be beneficial to a potential employee.  For employers, Chuck stated it is up for them to decide what certifications and specific skills they are looking for when hiring a prospective candidate.

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The biggest piece of advice Chuck had to give when addressing employers looking for new candidates was this: “there’s such a lack of qualified people and so many openings right now, you basically want people that are ethical, driven, good-natured, and competent.”

As the gap continues to widen, Chuck offered invaluable advice for both employees and employers alike on how to kickstart a career in cybersecurity and how to navigate the cyber career landscape. To read the full transcription of the webinar for free, click here.

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